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You see how that glamourous model is hanging onto that bottle of perfume? Well, that’s how I feel about Chanel’s Chance, only without the high heels and fancy dress and with leggings and a threadbare hoodie. Still, just because I don’t look like a starlet doesn’t mean I can’t smell like one, and Chance is definitely my favourite I-belong-in-Hollywood scent.

It’s no secret that the olfactory sense is a powerful one, and while perfume is the most obvious gateway into the world of pretty smells, it’s also been an obsession of mine for years. Chance not only smells like pure class to the novice, but it also is the most comforting scent there is to me personally, reminding me of the things in my life that make me feel the happiest and most content. I wear it whenever I’m in need of comfort and it always, always does the trick.

Since it’s Chanel, it’ll cost you somewhat of a pretty penny (about $85-$115 for the eau de parfum), but it also lasts ages and you only need a dab to fall under its spell all day long.

  • Darcie Delancey Canfield

    I feel you, girl! I’ve been wearing Chance for 8 years. I love it. I’ll wear it forever!

  • Courtney Taylor

    Chance eau fraiche is devine :)

  • Cierra Jane Garso

    My weapon to combat the dreariness of life! Also, it has the ability to make me feel like a super glamorous secret agent :)

  • Lucy Forsdike

    Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is even more luscious! Can’t beat Chanel!

  • Kyisha Thompson

    I so love this smell. I spritz it on the back of my neck before I go out on not-so-happy days, and whenever I smell it my mood improves.

  • Michele Segroves

    This is what I got from my husband for valentines day and the naked 2 palette I felt very spoiled

  • Andrea De La Rosa

    I love this perfume!

  • Bridget Carroll

    This is my scent, too. BFFs.

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