Item of the Day

These power couple pencils might be the most romantic gift I’ve ever received. Nevermind that they were given to me by a friend, a female friend in fact. I swooned – much like Angela did when Jordan asked her to forgo geometry review to makeout in the boiler room. I can even forgive that I find the Dawson and Joey pairing somewhat contentious. (Confession: I never understood the appeal of Joey Potter and her endless shoulder shrugs. However, if pushed to pick a Capeside’s power couple, I feel that Pacey and Joey are the clear choice.) The only downside I can see to these pencils is that they might lead to hours spent devouring Saved by the Bell, 90210, Dawson’s Creek, and My So-Called Life YouTube montages, but is watching Zack and Kelly slow dance outside the prom time wasted?

Buy them here.

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