Item of the Day

A really sweet and cool man named Wayne Tillet is offering his artistic talents to those of us who want something unique for our social media profiles. Custom avatars make amazing gifts and also let you maintain a tiny bit of anonymity if you’re not quite ready to use a real photo for your bios on Twitter or any other site you use. I was honored to have him create one for me which I am now using on my Twitter account. He created my avatar based on some of my Facebook photos so the result was a total surprise to me, but he totally nailed it!

Visit him here at to see his work and if you’re ready to commission him for your very own avatar, visit Avatar Alley where you will find some of the work he’s already done (including mine). Some folks on Twitter have already bought custom avatars for their friends and family, so if you’re not sure what to give someone and you know they’d love this, get one before Wayne gets too busy!

Here is one of my favorites (and some of you will instantly know why):