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I’m going to let you guys in on my number one most important beauty secret. I give this information up somewhat reluctantly because this beauty tip was passed onto me by mother, and her mother before that. But I suppose it’s time I spread the good word about the magical product that is Johnson’s Baby Oil.

This stuff is not just for babies — this is the key to smooth and soft skin for kids and adults. When I’m feeling in need of extra moisture I’ll slather it on post-shower, but otherwise I’ll grease up while I’m still cleaning off. I like to pair my Baby Oil with Johnson’s Baby Lotion, but any body lotion will do — trust me, you’ll be amazed when you feel how soft and smooth and luxurious your skin feels after! And smelling baby fresh is a nice bonus. You can pick up a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil at just about any drugstore or pharmacy and it’s under $5 — a treat for your skin and your wallet!


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  • Sara Morris

    I use Baby Oil to take off waterproof mascara. It works like a charm.

  • Lorayne Pescatore

    You’re so pretty! I hate to disagree.. but I am probably older and have more experience and petroleum based products are kinda gross if you think about it. They are a literally a crude oil, and have been processed so many times with chemicals to get rid of the nasty contaminants.
    I worked in a natural beauty product store while in college and we were warned that in the long run, petroleum products like Johnson’s Baby Oil will actually damage your appearance by interrupting your natural skin turn over process. They will leave you even drier and cause your skin to become dependent on the oil, and all the while your body will continue to absorb the toxins present in the solution. Ugh.
    But there is hope!
    Try almond or coconut oil, or even natural plant glycerin, which smell just as delicious, hydrate as well, absorb into skin even better, and you won’t have to worry about any contaminates or contributing to the oil industry that is ruining our environment.

  • Candra R McCartney

    Have to agree with Lorayne on this one even though you may feel fab for a little bit. In the long run you’re doing more harm than good.

  • Becky Lippert

    Coconut oil is more magical than baby oil. I’ve tried both. Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Hair, nails, skin, eating. It’s good for all. Just be sure to get virgin, unrefined, organic. It’s only like $8-10.

  • Remi Williams

    Coconut oil is the best thing you can do for your skin! I have been using it a short time and had the most amazing results. And I used to use baby oil in the winter for years, and still had chronically dry skin. Minnesota winters are harsh, but this winter my skin came out on top! I swear by coconut oil.

  • Lillie Baca

    I also have to add products like these have been passed on over the years because of cute kitschy ads from the 1920’s – 1950’s. Remember when cigarettes were good for you and highly endorsed by doctors? Read labels and stay away from anything that is petroleum based especially mineral oil. Play with several oils because some could be drying.

  • Britt Bulens

    I guess you took a few hard hits on this one. But like you said, five dollars. :)

  • Bryony Law

    I’m exactly the same!! Except I don’t buy products tested on animals so no Johnsons for me – all the other baby oils are just as good!

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