Item of the Day

I’m going to let you guys in on my number one most important beauty secret. I give this information up somewhat reluctantly because this beauty tip was passed onto me by mother, and her mother before that. But I suppose it’s time I spread the good word about the magical product that is Johnson’s Baby Oil.

This stuff is not just for babies — this is the key to smooth and soft skin for kids and adults. When I’m feeling in need of extra moisture I’ll slather it on post-shower, but otherwise I’ll grease up while I’m still cleaning off. I like to pair my Baby Oil with Johnson’s Baby Lotion, but any body lotion will do — trust me, you’ll be amazed when you feel how soft and smooth and luxurious your skin feels after! And smelling baby fresh is a nice bonus. You can pick up a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil at just about any drugstore or pharmacy and it’s under $5 — a treat for your skin and your wallet!


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