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While I tend to be sceptical that facial products can do what they claim to be able to do, you know I love the Dr Hauschka line, so I was excited to try the Cleansing Clay Mask and get my exfoliation on. While it’s especially beneficial for oily or  blemish-prone skin, it’s great for all types and feels unreal.

The glass jar comes full of the clay powder, ensuring that the mask doesn’t dry out or get gross, as many tend to do after a few applications. Creating the mask is super simple – add a teaspoon (or a little more) of water to a teaspoon of the powder and mix into a paste. Once you put it on, let it harden (don’t you love that feeling?) and in 5-8 minutes or so, you’re ready to wash it off. There’s no mess and it’s super easy to remove and comes right off with a splash of warm water.

The results are amazing! I love the fact that it leaves my skin feeling really clean, and it’s as soft as it’s been since I was a kid. It feels somehow purified in a way that I can’t explain – completely cleansed, as per the name, I suppose. This stuff is fantastic!

Get your Dr Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask over at their website today!

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