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Board games in general are one of my favorite things ever. But I think that I was the most obsessed with Guess Who. I made my mom, dad, brother, sister, cousins, grandparents, friends and literally everyone else that I could convince play this game with me. I thought I was a detective or some type of problem solver and that I could crack the Guess Who code like a weird professional. Everyone should own this game!

Image via Guess Who


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  1. I used to love Guess Who, but my sister always used to beat me, and I never knew why… turns out I always used to pick my namesake “Claire”, which didn’t make it too tough for my sister! o_O


  2. i used to play this all the time … loooved it!!!
    now that i saw the star wars guess who i couldnt wait to get it. my 2 favorite things in one. lol.


  3. Guess Who was definitely one of my favorite games growing up! I still make my boyfriend play it with me, haha.

  4. I loved this game! Is there an online version?

  5. one of the best.

  6. i played this game so much i really started to take offense to some of the little people’s faces. like the chick with the beret.

  7. i remember having the biggest crush on a guy named dave and he looked just like the dave in guess who smirky grin and all…

  8. I have friends who took pictures of people they knew and made their own personal Guess Who game…I’m not sure which was more fun!

  9. A friend of a friend wrote this hilarious song about the game Guess Who a few months ago. It lights up my life.

  10. Is it me? Is it you? Who knows? Guess who!

  11. I have like… 3 versions of guess who! I even have one that has an animal version (it is TOTALLY not as fun as the original though!) Love it! My other fave is “SORRY!”

  12. I love Guess Who! “Does your person… look… suspicious?”

  13. I love Guess Who! I was always good at it, which was nice since my sister always beat me at Clue. :)

  14. On Easter Sunday this year, a 6 year-old crushed me TWICE with this game. WTHeck.

  15. I used to make everyone play with me too!

  16. My husband and I have been in a Guess Who debate for years. I say whoever guesses correctly first wins. He says that “baseball rules” apply and even after a correct guess, the other player gets a turn to guess if they weren’t the first to play. Which is complete bull.

  17. I totally played Guess Who yesterday in the 103 degree Minnesota sun. Yep. It was great.

  18. Aw, I remember Guess Who! I was pretty good at it too.

  19. I don’t own any board games ::ducks:: But that’s only because I hung out A LOT at my neighbour’s and she had almost every board game possible!! My fave was Guess Who and I kept forcing her to play with me and even sometimes when she didn’t want to play I would borrow it and play by myself (only child)

    So yeah,love this game,love the post!