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I’m not entirely sure why View-Masters are so incredibly appealing to me. I think it’s mostly nostalgia, remembering myself as a little kid flipping through reels of places I wanted to see, or attempt to experience a reality that I could never reach like walking with dinosaurs or jumping into a Disney cartoon with my favorite characters.While collecting toys from our pasts is certainly popular, there are ways to add a little function to these treasures. I give you the custom View-Master.
YES! It’s real – you can send your own photos in to make View-Master reels. How? The internet – the place where dreams come true.

I think a custom View-Master would be such a fun way to share some of your favorite photos with friends and family. We all love flipping through albums – why not break out the old View-Master to serve the same purpose? A set of custom reels and a View-Master, would also be such a rad gift for a birthday or friend getting married. It’s pretty much the most fun you’ll have with photos since the days when you used to take disposable cameras to highschool dances. Or, ugh, was I the only one? Anyway, here are some sites where you can get yo paws on the goods:


Studio 3D

Custom View-Master

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