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I feel like I’m always saying “this is literally my favorite thing” but Earwolf literally is my favorite thing.

Basically, Earwolf makes amazing comedy podcasts. What makes Earwolf so special is that every single show, from “Glitter in the Garbage” to “Who Charted?” is truly funny with dedicated and clever hosts.

Plus, check out their list of amazing guests. Unbeatable.

I recommend listening to every single episode of “How Did This Get Made?”, every episode of “Comedy Bang Bang” (and every episode of every show on the site).

If your workday and your overall mood are not improved after listening to these podcasts, then I will personally give you a refund.

Just kidding. It’s free, so there are absolutely no excuses not to give Earwolf a try. (Also, in addition to the Earwolf website and iPhone app, the episodes are available for free on iTunes)

  • Danielle Romeo

    Lawd. I knew we were the same person. Also, if you’re not into listening to long podcasts or are more into character-based ones, I fully recommend Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca, and Mike Detective.

    • Corinne Caputo

      ahhh yess! i started listening to those this week actually!! also, we are the same person

  • Karissa Garcia

    Cyberthug Radio is back! Get it in!

  • Julia Hays

    Earwolf’s the best! Ch-ch-check it out, y’all!

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