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There are three things that I will always love: photography, food and buying cool accessories for my camera. I have a habit of spending the money I should be saving on filters, film, an expensive camera strap that I can’t afford or maybe just a USB in the shape of a camera. It’s certainly bad habit but I’ve got a cool collection of camera inspired things.

This lens wrap combines all of my favorite things. When I saw it, I immediately texted a bunch of my friends saying, “LOOK AT HOW COOL THIS IS?!” and I ordered one. Let me say that it is the coolest lens wrap I’ve ever seen. Even if you don’t have an additional lens, or even a camera, if you like wraps then you should get this. It’s that cool.

Just don’t put it next to your Chipotle burrito and then almost accidentally eat it… but only a fool would do that. I’ve certainly never done it. Never.

Stop asking about it.

It happened one time…

You can order a Photorito Lens Wrap at one of my favorite online shops, Photojojo, here.


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  2. I totally thought that was a burrito at first glance. God, i am so hungry right now…