These little laundry pacs pack a powerful punch!

I put these little pouches of laundry goodness to the ultimate test – the dirty laundry of  my 14-year-old son – and when I say, “14”, I do mean, “stinky”.

Being a super busy home schooling, work-from-home mom, I don’t have time to do everyone’s laundry and taught my kid to do his own laundry around age 10.

Age 10.

First, we used those all-in-one sheets, which left his clothes dried out, wrinkled and questionably clean. As he got older and stronger, he was able to lift and maneuver my large bottles of laundry detergent. Still, he overuses the product and sometimes makes a mess.

To the rescue, Dropps Laundry Detergent Pacs!

First of all, a monkey can do laundry with these and, if you have a monkey, you should definitely test this theory. If you don’t have a monkey, try them with your kids. It’s never too early or late to teach them self-suffiency and cleanliness and Dropps makes that easy!

Maybe you have no monkey and no kids but you have a husband who could stand to do a bit of housework. Give him Dropps! He’ll be throwing these little pacs in the washing machine for imaginary 3-pointers and thinking he is a wizard at doing laundry. Only you and I will know he got the job only because there was no monkey available!

But, let’s not be sexist! Men, if your wife can’t seem to make time to do laundry because the kids are running her ragged and her boss is constantly up her butt to make quota, give her Dropps! Then, fold the laundry when it’s done. Thanks.

Bachelors, I don’t even have to explain how amazing these are for you and for those who have roommates or who take your laundry to mom and dad’s on your weekends away from the dorm; Dropps are perfect for you!

Now, back to our experience:

I used all three varieties (Baby, Fresh Scent and Scent & Dye Free) in three different water temperatures (hot, cold and warm) and found that Dropps cleaned very well.

The ultimate test, of course, was my kid’s dingy whites. We used a Fresh Scent packet in hot water with no bleach, and his whites still emerged clean, clean, clean! The scent was not overpowering, the load just smelled fresh!

In closing, I would highly recommend this product and, in fact, I have been sending out samples to those who have purchased t-shirts and other items from my store!

Thank you to the good people at Dropps, especially Sydney Waldron, for sending me this product. I look forward to continuing to use Dropps every friggin’ laundry day from here to eternity!

Happy laundering, you guys!

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