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For those of you as nail-obsessed as me (and I know that’s a lot of you), then listen up: I’m going to tell you about a product that’s going to really change your nail game. I’m talking about the best matte top coat out there, Essie’s “Matte About You”.

Not only does this polish have one of the the brand’s punniest names (and we all know how much I love those nail polish puns!), but it will revitalize your current color collection. My favorite way to use the matte topcoat is over a shimmer color. It can give a very cool coal, rust or denim effect. Unfortunately it’s not easy to find, and I wonder if it’s even been discontinued (I picked up my last bottle at a random NYC drugstore) but you can order it online at for under $10.

Essie “Matte About You” image via tumblr


  • Nuloha Pérez

    these are very popular in Brazil! a friend of mine got me one from there.. you can even find them in colors! 😀 pretty cool item of the day

  • Ellen Tuominen

    Check out Hard Candy’s Matte coat as well. Works great and is even cheaper! I found mine at WalMart.

  • Eloïse Chadourne

    You can find it very easily in France too. I have it and i like to use it with every colors ( but my favorite is the red).

  • Rachel Cantu

    NYC also has one, also cleverly named “matte me crazy”

  • June F. Kendall

    you know the best name, in my opinion, is OPI’s “Who comes up with these names”

  • Stefanie Eytchison

    I have this and love it!

  • Allyson Rose Saltzman

    You can purchase it at for half retail! It’s one of my favorites!

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