Item of the Day

Have you guys tried Tejava yet? If not, get thee to the nearest supermercado and buy yourself a case of  this delicious “premium iced tea” that is “handpicked, microbrewed and unsweetened!” This stuff’s so good, my office buys Tejava by the boatload. Seriously. We need a boat for all the Tejava we drink. I’m not kidding. A boat, you guys.

The one bummer about Tejava is that while it’s so good and so beloved, it’s not yet widespread enough for stores to need to overstock. I’ve gone to three different Trader Joe’s before finding a remaining 4-pack in a single afternoon. The best thing I ever did was buy a case of Tejava at a Smart&Final. I’m not messing around here, people, this black tea beverage is the bees knees!

Tejava image via Simple Nourished Living

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