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Spice Girl Dolls. Um, I don’t think I should  have to explain why these are the Item Of The Day. The Spice Girls were obviously the most important and probably the most influential people in my life for a solid few years. I loved them then and I will always love them. How cute are their outfits? How amazing are their hair styles? And most importantly, how perfect are their shoes? These dolls are just mini, own-able versions of the real Spice Girls. On top of it all, they’re probably collectables now or something.

Also, if you haven’t watched Spice World lately, I suggest you rent it and remember how awesome 1997 was.

You can buy your very own Spice Girl Dolls here!

  • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

    Oh no, sporty spice looks like the repurposed an Aladdin action figure. Definitely doesn’t do Melanie Chisholm justice.

  • Lauren Nespoli

    Wow, I didn’t know you could still buy them! I had Emma and my sister had Victoria. I’m not sure if we had others though. We either had the whole set of Spice Girls or the whole set of NSYNC, but not both…unless I’m remembering wrong!

  • Sarah Page

    Me and my friends were the Spice Girls. I was Baby/Emma. I have every song memorized and have seen the movie a billion times! Nothing beats the Spice Girls!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the Ginger Spice doll mint in it’s box since 1998, I am waiting for her to become with a lot of money. haha.

  • Almie Rose

    I had Baby. I feel no personal shame or guilt about this.

  • Elizabeth Carlton

    I still have my Posh Spice doll in the box. I will never get rid of it!

  • Sparky Ellen

    For my 22nd Birthday my dad bought me the only one I had left to own… Baby Spice! I couldn’t believe he remembered which kind of Spice Girl doll it was since there were tons of ‘kinds’. By kinds I mean a different box with some slightly altered outfit. Best gift ever!

  • Maria Jose Rojas

    scratch the Queen,God Save the Spice Girls!!!! Girl Power!

  • Megan Younce

    I tried to watch that on netflix right after I read this, but it’s not available on instant, booo!

  • Gwendolynn Barbee-Yow

    That’s so weird. This morning I was thinking about how I used to own a Mel B doll.

  • Kelly McGuinness Cornacchia

    I bought a set for my then 4 year old on eBay years ago but I think they were actually Eastern European knockoffs because they are even slightly freakier than these. I’ll have to see if I can dig them out!

  • Kelly Vogel

    My best friend and i didn’t have boy barbie dolls so one summer we got desperate, chopped off all of scarey spice’s hair and renamed her Tony, haha. WOW, throwback.

  • Kelby Hawn

    I heard Wannabe on the radio today… destiny!

  • Holly Hathaway

    I totally owned all five. Thank goodness for grandparents who loved buying gifts.

  • Kristie Forzese Bringhurst

    For Christmas I got the Baby Spice and Posh Spice dolls. My sister got Ginger and Sporty. We’re not racist. Scary Spice was just annoying.

  • Becky Bowman

    I loved the Spice Girls, but I never collected the dolls…mostly because I tried to hide the fact that I loved them. Still know all the songs!

  • Jessica Schultz

    Awh!! This warms my heart! I was in the 5th grade when they became popular and I’m still in love with them today! No, seriously…ALL their albums are on my iPOD (even the one without Ginger) and I may have flown to Las Vegas in 2007 to see their reunion show- totally worth it!

  • Kariné Dilaniane

    i have them in their own boxes too <333 got them for Christmas 1998 !

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