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Heather Fields on Etsy

I like toys and I like plants.  Put a plant in a toy and you have made magic.  If that toy is a dinosaur or a giraffe (the coolest creatures ever), you have gone beyond magic and into another dimension.  Not sure what that dimension is called yet, but it’s out of this world and it’s my favorite place to be.  Heather Fields’ Coastal Moss Store on Etsy is now selling these delightful “living” giraffe and dinosaur planters made from recycled children’s toys, succulents and moss that grows in the Northern California forest she lives nearby.  Inspired by the Retro ’50s Eames Era furniture and the colors of Hang It All, these planters are perfect gifts, office mates or great decor for your own home.  Get one here today!

Dinosaur Planters by Coastal Moss' Heather Fields

  • Ayesha Ali

    Giraffes are my favorite, too!

  • Amy Green

    My friend got her husband a dino planter as her gift to him the day of their wedding!

  • Jason Neel

    I want a green triceratops! And put it in the kitchen so I can feel happy while watching Monday night football!

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