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This is an ongoing obsession that has fought valiantly with my wallet and won every time. It smells SO GOOD, you guys. I’m not big on fragrances, lord knows the one perfume I own (I insist on having a signature scent so owning more than one perfume = pointless) has been sitting in my bathroom for ages.

But the first time I smelled this, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The apple doesn’t smell like your usual apple fragrance, which is good, because I’m not a fan of fruity scents. Or bakery scents. I don’t want to smell like something I would eat, I want to smell like something I would want to smell, like flowers or Matthew Crawley.

It’s a salt scrub swimming in essential oils. It will make your skin soft and fluffy, and you will want to smell yourself all day (try not to do this in public). I like to use it on special occasions, like getting fancy for holidays or a special date. Get a little wooden scooper thing with it, because it tends to dry out if you use your hands. If you’re in New York or Chicago, you can walk into a Sabon store and smell to your heart’s content. Also, take them up on their offer to wash your hands, because they will be soft and fragrant like a baby dipped in flower sauce.

Otherwise, order it from Sabon.

  • Katia Semerciyan

    it amazes me all the time the sabon isn’t a phenomenon because their products are ammaaaaazing. i swear by them. all the scrubs are wonderful

    • Julia Gazdag

      Agreed! I wish they’d open a store in LA already, so I don’t have to hope against hope that the essential oils don’t spill in my suitcase.

  • Kalli Marie

    i LOOOOOVE sabon!! This is one of my favorite scents. I also highly recommend using it with their butter cream. Talk about dying and going to heaven!!!

  • Dayna Barron

    noooooooooo. i was totally ready and willing to fork over $30 based on your description alone, but they don’t ship to canada. so sad.

  • Christina Boucher

    I’ve been totally into skin things and scrubs lately at a time where my skin is drier than the Mojave desert. Definitely going to try this, sure it will not disappoint.

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