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Sara Gallo Doll Shoe Jewelry (Image from

Ever wonder where all those missing Barbie shoes went?  Well, they’ve landed in Sara Gallo’s pretty little jewelry making hands.  Perfect for that 80s dance party, a Lady Gaga concert, or a gay pride parade, Sara Gallo’s doll shoe jewelry collection is an intricate and vibrant display of your inner child.  Summer fashion is all about color explosions, so why not accessorize with these fun necklaces, bracelets, and earrings?  They’re perfect for kids, or even your next trip to the roller rink.  Check out Sara Gallo’s collection at her Etsy store and Katy Perry will probably ask you where you got your candy-like goods when she sees you rockin’ out at her next concert.

Sara Gallo Doll Shoe Earrings (Image from


Pearl and Doll Shoe Jewelry by Sara Gallo (