Item of the Day

There’s nothing sexier than a chili pepper plant.  It feeds you AND it’s hot, like a man with a nerd complex and a magic 14-pack (or 1-pack, whatever you prefer).  Why not hand out the Hot Stuff Plant Kit as a V-Day gift for friends or that special someone you’re crushing on but never speak to?  It’s the perfect way to voice your opinions about his/her amazing good looks and beautiful personality.  And, by the time the plant kit grows some hearty chili peppers, you’ll already be in a long-lasting, loving relationship that doesn’t make you question how hot or cool you really are.

The Hot Stuff Plant Kit comes with:

  • 1 packet of chili pepper seeds
  • 1 coconut husk starter pot
  • 1 coconut husk compost disc which expands when watered
  • 1 wooden plant marker

Get yours HERE.  It’s only $5.99 and it will be a more fruitful way to spend your V-Day than buying a bunch of silly candy (don’t get me wrong, I love candy).  But plants?  Plants are the way to a woman/man’s heart.  They grow.  They live.  They last longer than fancy dinners.  Have a happy V-Day and remember to show your appreciation and love for others always, not just on that one day!

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