I have received hundreds of questions about my skin and its tone. I was surprised to find how many women are baffled as to how to care for their own skin and how many of them believe it costs lots of money to be and feel beautiful!

Introducing exfoliating gloves…

I have been using these gloves everyday at shower or bath time for the past decade or so. I thought about my face and the fact I’ve been exfoliating that skin since I was ten years old, at the urging of my mother.

So, I wondered, what if I treated my entire body as well as I treat my face?

Enter the exfoliating gloves…

You may find these at your local drug store for $5.00 or less and using them is self explanatory. What exfoliating does is remove that top layer of dead skin which traps all kinds of icky dirt and oils and dulls the skin, even changing its tone.

With these, your skin is renewed and you will see and feel a difference in your skin immediately, then, more and more each day as you continue to use the gloves.

I have given these as gifts and have gotten my ex-husband, current husband and my teenage son hooked on using these colorful cleaners. Buy a pair for everyone in the family and watch how bright, shiny, soft, and clean they will become. So much so, that you won’t hesitate to put out those white towels and sheets you’ve been saving for –– clean people.


  • Be gentle with your skin when using these and be sure the gloves are soaked with water and well lathered with shower or bath gel before using. If you are not accustomed to exfoliating your skin, any kind of exfoliant can be an irritant when, initially, introduced.
  • Be super careful when using these to clean your naughty bits. Perhaps, keep a washcloth handy to cleanse these more sensitive areas.

Alright, then. Happy washing!

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