Item of the Day

Oh my stars, you guys. These things are the best. And addictive. They should sell them by the bucket, except no they shouldn’t, I don’t have that much in my grocery budget. Also, if you eat the whole box you don’t feel supergross because 1) there’s no refined sugar in it 2) you basically just drank a glass of rice milk and 3) whatever, go for a run if you want to stay healthy, frozen treats are necessary for life on earth.

Nutritional info etc. on the Rice Dream Bites Site

  • Jessica Riyoko Dunn

    I must have these.

  • Kelly ‘Klimek’ Mager

    I didn’t even know these existed!! Must buy them :)

  • Julia Gazdag

    Whole Foods, you guys. Whole. Foods.

  • Heidi Koschel

    Damn you Americans and your delicious sugarless treats! SO hard to find non-sugar frozen fun in Australia. Send me some?

  • Sonja Verpoort

    It is so hard to find dairy/gluten free desserts that actually taste good. I am definitely running over to Whole Foods whenever I get the chance.

  • Sara Mallory

    uh yeah, these are amazing.

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