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As America’s #1 Lipstain Lover (totally gave myself that title), I have started relying on Sara Happ lip scrub to regularly exfoliate my crazy dry lips.

Google’s telling me this stuff has been a “celebrity favorite” or something since 2005, but I personally learned about it a couple weeks ago. I don’t know if everything I just told you is old news. It might be. I don’t know. You might be like, “Duh, Molls. I’ve known about that stuff forever!”

Or you might be like, “Really? Wow! I also have dry lips from using too much alcohol-based lip color!”

Or maybe you’re reacting to this post in neither of those ways. Maybe you’re apathetic. I can’t speak for you. Everyone’s different.

  • Kelly Etlinger

    This is truly a life saver for dry lips! Love love love that this is your item of the day!!

  • Desiree Gaines Jacobs

    Have you tried Fresh’s Brown Sugar Lip Scrub? I think it’s along the same lines- leaves lips silky smooth and kissable and smells delicious! I’ve seen the Sarah Happ scrub and have wanted to get it, but I am making myself wait until I run out of the Fresh scrub. God bless frivolous beauty products!

  • Jessica Lean Landrau

    Thank you for this! I am all about some lip stains and this will probably save the puckers from their incessant torture. :)

  • Sarah Sumner

    Is it because I’m getting older or because I moved from humid as hell Texas to New York? Holy mole my lips are dry this year!!!! I will be investing stat.

    • Jamie Green

      I lived in Texas and my chapped lips went away. I came back to Vermont and they are all over the place again :(

  • Becky Abel

    I’m sure this stuff is nice, but I can’t help but look at the description and think–$21 for and ounce of brown sugar and carrier oils? You can make your own with brown sugar and olive oil or honey for pennies.

  • Becky Abel


  • Christina Grieves

    I bought Sara Happ’s peppermint lip scrub a few months ago just from seeing it on a site. I absolutely love it! It makes my lips feel so soft, even in winter :)

  • Kyisha Thompson

    I’ve never gotten the promised results from lip scrubs. I just use my washcloth and hot water. Hold the washcloth to lips for 10 or so seconds, then rub away the dead skin. Works like a charm.

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