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Photo courtesy of Kip Morrison & Associates

Confession: this is the first time in my entire life I’ve ever had a macaroon. Rather than question myself why I haven’t been eating these bad boys sooner, I decided to comfort myself with the fact that the first time I tried one of these French delicacies, it was shaped like a heart.

The perfect gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day or for when you’re enjoying some chick flicks with the besties, Rocq’s Sweetheart Macaron (yes, I’m spelling that right!) Collection brings a piece of Paris to wherever you might be! A set of 24 macarons created by Chef Eddy Rocq (who honed his French pastry culinary skill set in the Mederic Culinary School of Paris), these tiny almond cookies melt in your mouth as quickly as they melt in your hand.

And speaking of melting in your mouth, let’s visit the menu of flavors available, shall we? There are four flavors altogether: Dark Chocolate that features a Valrhona chocolate ganache sprinkled with cocoa on top, Raspberry filled with rich white chocolate ganache and made with fresh raspberries, Peach Mango which marries peaches and mangoes together with a burst of fruity ganache and Red Velvet, which speaks for itself. It’s red velvet crust with a bourbon vanilla bean filling inside. Imagine if there were more varieties! All I can say to that idea is oui, oui!

Each cookie is made fresh with an interesting shelf life. Only a couple of days if set inside the fridge; however, if you put them in the freezer, they’ll last for up to a couple months. Which is where my personal stash is currently residing. I’m trying to hold out until V-Day to nibble on the rest.

The sweetest thing about these macarons? Aside from their distinct heart shape and the fact that they’re gluten-free, they’re made by Rocq’s own recipe just for Valentine’s Day alone. He says that the reason why they need to be made by hand is because “not every heart will be the same, but every heart will have a bit of my love in it”.

I am swooning right now – this is too perfect. C’est magnifique!

Available to buy in a box of 24 for $48 at and

Photo courtesy of Kip Morrison & Associates

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