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A-Frame Plant Hanger (Image from Poketo)

When I think of San Francisco, I’m reminded of a house I was fortunate to stay at that was filled with plants, hanging from every wood beam, in every single window.  There was almost a disorganized, jungle feel to the place, that was incredibly charming but the decor could have used Danny Simon’s A-frame plant hangers.  Fitting 4″ collared pots, which can be found at any home and gardening shop, these plant hangers can be hung indoors or outdoors.  Inspired by postwar America’s A-frame architecture, made with deadstock military cotton strapping and Brazilian hardwood, Simon’s design is perfect for plant lovers that also enjoy repurposing materials.  Get yours on Poketo today and see how Simon makes his planters here.

A Frame Plant Hangers by Danny Simon (Image from Design Milk)


A Frame Plant Hanger by Danny Simon (Image from Poketo)

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