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I am expecting a Tiger Balm intervention any day now. I have constant aches and pains because of my computer-loving, yoga-practicing lifestyle, and one of the only things that gives me any sort of relief is this kind of magical Chinese ointment. Since I’m always covered in it, my co-workers and friends are constantly surrounded by its scent, which is basically a cross between Christmas and old people. It could be lovelier, but the pleasure it gives me is, at least in my mind, very worth it.

If you have any sort of aches and pains, I would recommend asking your doctor (LOL, who the hell has a doctor?) if you can use it, and then going straight to the drugstore to pick some up.


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  1. I would like you to be warned – this stuff is the BEST! AMAZING! Also, do note, it is highly addicting and you can get a bit woozy off of it if you choose to apply say a bit to often :)

  2. this is heaven for my family and I. Its our “windex” it fixes everything

  3. Just bought it. Already addicted! As a roller derby super nerd girl, I’m sore frequently!

  4. I first stumbled upon tiger balm when I gave myself whiplash after falling while snowboarding. I am in love with it, and the scent reminds me of the snow <3

  5. tiger balm can probably cure cancer too. just remember not to rub your eyes afterward

  6. Ohh how I love and miss this stuff. Reminds me of the good parts of my childhood.

  7. Dude, Tiger Balm is the bomb! Growing up, my mom had it as a Chinese remedy for ant and mosquito bites. This stuff works wonders!

  8. I love tiger balm!! I have sciatica and it definately calms the pain when it gets real bad. I have found it in a creme form, in a tube like toothpaste, and that cuts down on the lovely orange tinge on my hands.

  9. Badger makes a “sore muscle rub” that’s really effective, all natural, and doesn’t smell like old people. :) It doesn’t even smell like menthol – it smells like ginger, and it’s delightful.

  10. My best friend’s mother told me about this. And by Gods I could use it right about now.

  11. Tiger balm rulz. I’ve been using it since I was a teenager when my papa recommended it for study headaches. Only problem is I am always losing it – you can buy it in little tiny tins about the size of a pound coin in the UK (which incidentally are a real challenge to get open). Anyway, as a Pharmacist I still say all hail the Tigerbalm :).

  12. Preach! I’m slightly addicted to this stuff. Also, I think it smells delicious haha

  13. Tiger balm vs. Salonpas?