Item Of The Day

You know how some of the coolest things in life are fun as opposed to useful? Scented stickers, whimsical throw pillows, ripped neon leggings? Well I’ve found my latest obsession: these totally-a-novelty-but-I-can’t-stop-wearing-them prism glasses. They look like your average fake glasses, chunky wayfarers in bright colors and patterns. But when you put them on you realize the lenses have a special coating and THE ENTIRE WORLD BECOMES A RAINBOW PRISM. It’s beyond trippy, seemingly purposeless, and totally addictive. My boyfriend and I took turns wearing them while sitting in my apartment doing nothing and we felt like we were in a 1970s music video. It’s a non-threatening drug trip for your eyes. Did I mention they glow in the mother-effing dark? Follow the rainbow, people.

Available at PrizmEyez.