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As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a serious Flower Fairy fetish. You know, those tiny little magical creatures who live inside flowers and plants and trees. Since I can’t actually shrink down to the size of a finger nail and sleep on a bed of moss in a grove of wild flowers, I just try to surround myself with fairy-themed items. These necklaces obviously caught my eye immediately. Each one is a teensy little terrarium you get to wear around your neck, filled with flowers, seeds, and miniature plants. Definitely some of the most magical necklaces I’ve ever seen.

Get them at the awesomely-named Spells of Magic website.

  • Irati Toscano

    I love it!
    By the way, I don’t know if this is the way to ask you, but I’ve read that you’re doing a show for HBO. Could you write sometime how did you manage to get HBO to produce the show? They did contact you, was it through someone you already worked with?
    I live in Spain. Okay, I’m Spanish. So, there’s a very slightly chance that I’ll be writing in English anytime in my life, let alone work for the HBO.
    Soooo… I’ll be very grateful if you could just write how did you do it!
    (And just so you know you’re one of my favourite writers from HG!)
    Merry weekend and a happy new day!

  • Erin K Thomasson

    I’ve seen items similar to these on various Etsy stores, little bottle terrariums either for your shelf or for a necklace…. speaking of fairy-themed items, please share your collection with us sometime!

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