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Nothing is more boring at breakfast than hearing about other people’s dreams. Of course, the rare occasions on which I actually remember my dreams, I am all too eager to relay them to the people around me. That’s where owning a good dream dictionary can really come in handy. It’s organized by symbol so whatever you saw in the night can be matched to its corresponding meaning. Dreamt about losing your teeth? Well, teeth represent fear. Really mundane dream about applying moisturizer? Renewal and a fresh start. See, your mornings are more fun already. Bonus: freak out your roommates by telling them everything they saw represents death. They’ll probably stop trying to tell you their dreams.

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  1. teeth dreams are the WORST.

  2. I like to hear about other people’s dreams, it takes me into another world ,..coolness XD
    (I aways ask “”Hey did you dream something last night, or welll;;,.. did you remember it!” XD )

  3. Awesome! I always have dreams about fighting animals like sharks and Jaguars…Wonder what that means.

  4. Oh my gosh! Im obsessed with these dream interpretation books. Sometimes it seems silly though; like for example if you see sand in your dream it could mean you’ll be rich or something. ….i think? Regardless, I’m definitely going to try to get my hand on this guy!