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Like many of you, I love Nancy Drew, old books and secrets. This nifty box combines all three. It’s an actual 1930 edition of the Nancy Drew classic, The Hidden Staircase. Or so it would appear. When you open the book to see what old Nancy’s been up to, you’ll discover it’s really a secret compartment for all your secret things!

I love the idea of slipping this onto my bookshelf or bedstand and nobody knowing what it contains but me (and probably Nancy Drew, because she was clever like that).

Stash your stuff via Etsy.

  • Siobhan Kümm

    I have that book! Only not all chopped up. =)

    • Lauren Dennison

      I have that book as well as some other early Nancy Drew books…anyone know where I could sell them?

  • Halley Beth

    I have the real version of the book! It’s from 1930 as well. I found it at a used bookstore. :)

  • Jess Schmidt

    Here’s another Etsy seller:
    I got my sister one for Christmas. I’m not saying which one in case you ever visit her :)

  • Rachel Morgan Smith

    I have a book from that same edition collection, mine is the clue in the old album. I love the idea of that, but it seems like a waist of an amazing vintage book!

  • Kellee Fabre

    So cute!! I bought one on Etsy a long time ago, it was a Twilight book safe and I loveee it :] I sell on Etsy too!! I sell photography from my travels!! Check it out :]
    <3 Love, Kellee

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