Don’t laugh and don’t lie…

You have that annoying peach fuzz on your face, too! Well, I saw a commercial for this product by Olay and picked it up at my local CVS Pharmacy.

I thought it was a wee bit overpriced at over $23.00, but I guess that’s the price we pay for…beauty?

My husband took this photo of me in the kitchen as I pranced around with the hair removal cream covering my…beard?

Don’t laugh.

Anyway, I think this cream works pretty well, though it had a hard time removing those annoying sideburn hairs.

Don’t you laugh!

This is just a weaker form of your everyday depilatory, like Nair, which I use (very carefully) on my bikini zone. It did the job, though I couldn’t keep it on my face as long as the directions recommended. My face began to itch a bit and I had flashbacks of that scene in Malcolm X when his relaxer started burning just as the water got disconnected and he ended up having to rinse his hair in the toilet.

But, I digress.

Anyway, I guess I would recommend this product, overall. But, I would warn those of you with sensitive skin. I noticed a bit of acne after using this product. It seems I can only use organic products on my face!

Still, give it a try if you’ve got non-tempermental skin.

Happy hair removal!

  • Bambi Troxell

    thanks for this info- i’d been wondering a/b this product and wasn’t sure if i wanted to drop the $ on it!

  • Randall Bishop

    I gots one of those NFL limited Gillette razors that will take that off and it will only cost you about 8 bucks….dat be a cloooooose shave!!

  • Katy Whiskey

    As a bearded/moustached gal for the past 20 years (yes- the stache began to come in at age 10- you can laugh, I can take it), let me drop some knowledge for the wannabe hairless. The Oil of Olay hair remover is only for thin to fine hairs (this according to their website as well as personal experience), so if you have a little peach fuzz, this might work for you, but if you’re anything like me, who HAVE to wax bi-weekly, lest you look like Tom Selleck, avoid this product- it won’t work on those thicker, darker hairs at all. Just started electrolysis (the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal) and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Yes, it can be costly, but add up how much you’ve spent on hair removal over the years and I guarantee the cost of electrolysis will be a helluva lot cheaper and, did I mention elfin’ permanent?

  • Katy Whiskey

    Yeah- spell check turns all my effins into elfins. Odd.

  • Janna-Marie Peruta

    I use the one by sally hansen! its only 7 dollars and it works amazing! Kudos to you though for having the confidence to post that pic.

  • Emma Tukdarian

    I’m not one with many facial hair problems.
    Besides my eyebrows. but I may try this out, is it good with, lets say, leg hair? I hate how often I have to shave. D: does it smell better than nair?

  • Keira Alexander

    Let us know how the regrowth works out :/

  • Joy Kowald

    avon’s also quite cheap and works like a charm! And you can “discretely” buy it online. even though i just non-discretely shared this information with you.

  • Sabina Raquel Alderman

    You know, I used to be really paranoid about the peach fuzz because it made me feel Luke some kind of derpy mutant who’s only power was to look vaguely like a small native of Kashyyyk. What I have since realized is that its totally natural and everyone has it. For the most part, even with my ridiculously dark hair and ghostly white skin, its not even visible beyond about a yards distance. (I don’t know about you, but I tend to not spend my time with personal space invaders, so a yard is about as close to most humans as I will get.) The other thing I figured out it that chemical hair removers, like shaving, can cause your hair to grow in thicker. Bleh. So other than my creepy stache from Depo shots (which I wax) and the hedge I call “brow” (which I pluck), I say no to ze creams!

  • Karrine Steffans

    The regrowth has been an issue. I have sensitive skin, which only favors organic products and the chemical in this gave me some issues with breakouts in the following weeks. I’ve also had an issue with ingrowns. However, my skin reacts this way to most anything foreign, including waxing. The initial results were great, but the aftermath is a bear with my sensitive skin.

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