Item Of The Day

For all of my unhealthy habits in life, I feel really strongly about gettin’ my vitamin groove on. It’s a rare day that I get the requisite 5-per-day of fruits and veggies and while I’m working on changing that, it doesn’t hurt to have help.

Multivitamins are a booster for all occasions, but not just any old one will do. I pass right by the Centrums and look for the familiar Alive! label. For those of you not familiar with Nature’s Way‘s Alive! offshoot, they’re daily multivitamins and multiminerals – they include 26 fruits and vegetables and other fancy stuff to keep you at your best. Not to mention they’re formulated in such a way that your body absorbs them easily, as if they actually came from fresh foods.

I am obsessed with the Women’s Energy version. I generally can barely hold my head up by 3pm during the weekdays, but these babies keep me going somehow. We’re in a co-dependent relationship, okay? If I run out or am away from these things for one day, I can immediately tell the difference and it is not a good one. In addition, they help to keep our bones strong and our breasts… something (healthy?) and are just generally really great.

They’re available at your local store for about $12.99 for a 50 day supply!


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