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Okay, okay. This isn’t your usual Item of the Day product. There’s no cutesy Hello Kitty garb to be found anywhere, nor am I presenting a picture of some awesome new lip color. What I’m bringing to this table is something infinitely useful, and something we’re not talking about enough: Odor Eaters Foot and Sneaker Spray.

Found basically anywhere you can buy things, Odor Eaters saves your shoes from the trash can before it’s their time to go. If you’re anything like me, you live in flats without socks. Which means that your shoes start smelling like a dumpster full of dog vomit and old milk after about three weeks. Enter Odor Eaters, a veritable game changer for your foot game.

And for a home remedy pro tip that works almost as well? Cut the feet off of a pair of panty hose you’re ready to throw away, fill it with odor absorbing cat litter, tie off the ends like its a balloon and let them sit in the shoe for a few days.

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