Fridge Couch by Adrian Johnson

I’ve visited the fridge quite a lot this holiday.  But, I didn’t see how multi-faceted it could be till I sat inside of one at the New Bedford Art MuseumAdrian Johnson, former professional snowboarder and now designer at Martha’s Vineyard architecture firm, has created innovative repurposed furniture made from vintage fridges and the back seats of BMW and Mercedes cars.   He calls it the fridgecouch.  Made entirely from materials found at junkyards, the fridgecouch has served as a main prop in Johnson’s photography.  Having only made four fridgecouches, Johnson works on commission and is currently developing his product to become a business.  He also makes mini fridge/freezer coffee tables, as seen below.  Add Fridgecouch on Facebook, check out the website, and if you’re interested in featuring a fridgecouch at your next party or event, email Adrian Johnson at:

Freezer Coffee Table (Image from Fridgecouch Facebook Page)

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