Item of the Day

In fashion and beauty, looks come and go with the seasons and not much stays “in” for very long. However, one thing you can always count on to be on point is the swollen lip look. I’m not talking Angelina Jolie status, but a little sting to your pout is sexy and never out of style.

While lots of brands sell lip plumpers, DuWop‘s Lip Venom is probably the most popular and is certainly the industry standby. Using ingredients such as cinnamon, wintergreen, ginger, jojoba and avocado oil, their glosses encourage the blood to rush to your lips, giving them a fuller look, not to mention a really pleasant tingling sensation.

Although the original lip venom is the central product in the line, it’s by no means the only one. And for the holidays, DuWop has done the best thing ever by packaging six products in one unique carousel. Amazing!

The DuWop Venom Carousel includes the following:

  • Original Lip Venom
  • Moon Venom
  • Venom Flash Gold
  • Venom Flash Silver
  • Blue Venom
  • Pink Shimmer Lip Venom

All of those share the same key ingredients, but each has a little something different to set them apart. Flash Gold contains gold micas while Flash Silver contains, you guessed it, a silver hue. Moon Venom is opalescent while Pink Shimmer is pretty self-explanatory. Finally, Blue Venom – my personal favourite – contains a shade which makes teeth appear whiter. Can’t beat that! Oh yeah – and it actually works!

The best part of this set is, of course, the price! While DuWop’s lip venoms will run you $16 (slightly pricey but well worth it) individually, you can get the Carousel, which contains six full size tubes, for only $49! Steal!

Head over to DuWop’s website today to pick up your Venom Carousel today!