ITEM OF THE DAYItem Of The DayTatti Ribeiro

So, one of my best friends lives across the country and that means that sadly, our relationship is super dependent on Facebook. I know this sounds really awful but it’s not that bad, really! It forces us to be a little more thoughtful and selective about the stuff we share with each other. She just sent me a link to this “Serape Booty Buddy” from Urban Outfitters. You guys, this is what real friendship is all about. She knew I would LOVE this. She knew I would NEED this. Obviously, she also knew it would be the perfect Item Of The Day for Hello Giggles. They describe it as a “versatile, super soft blanket/poncho”. I mean, are you obsessed yet?

Image via Urban Outfitters


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  1. oh my god i wish i’d thought of this

  2. the best snuggie ever made.