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I have been a fan of Tucson, AZ-based artist Sasha Lewis for quite some time, but I have fallen in love with her all over again after seeing “Floral Rhino” , one of the most recently added pieces to her Etsy shop.

Sasha’s ability to highlight the qualities that us animal lovers like the most about a particular species is one of the things that makes her work pop. It also helps that she has no problem incorporating a sense of humor and a fearless use of color into everything she does. I see her stuff and it’s always like, “BAM!”

It hits me on a lot of levels, guys. It makes me have feelings.

These aspects of her paintings are why the walls of my apartment are covered with her work and probably why so many of my guests and blog readers asked me who is responsible for the hilariously perfect images of my dog holding a mask made to look like Jay-Z’s face or the large chested naked woman dawning a bear’s head.

Pretty, silly and a pleasure to be around: Sasha’s art is like the ultimate HelloGiggles girl hanging on your wall.

Image via malted

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