There’s nothing like wearing earrings made out of broken skateboards in an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.  This re-purposed jewelry, under the name brand Mukee, is colorful, creative and sturdy.  Designed by humble creator Derek Keenan three years ago in Denver, Colorado, these earrings are featured on Keenan’s Etsy shop, which is also full of beltbuckles and necklaces, perfect for boyfriends, girlfriends and BFFs.  Add Mukee to your Etsy circle, tumblr or Facebook page today!  And get your earrings here!

Mukee Earrings (Image from


Skateboard earrings by Mukee Designs (Image from Facebook)

  • Harmony Alinna

    loooove this!

  • Liz Brown

    This totally awesome! Sidenote: I’ve been looking at this article for a while and I JUST realized that that’s NOT Kate Winslet in the photo.

  • Allison Hansen

    Love, these are amazing!

  • Lauren Lee Bolek

    So cute and creative!

  • Jenn Stazewski

    Love the style of jewelry! I’ve added them to my Etsy circle.

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