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In LA, studios and production companies go all out for their pre-hiatus holiday parties.  I went to a fantastic holiday party where instead of spending money on hiring a Santa and real reindeer, they had a charity donation box and everyone who donated got their name included in a raffle. I won this as a prize! There are so many great things about my little Chick Boom speaker but here are the top 5:

  1. The battery is rechargeable! It comes with a USB cord that you can plug into your computer to charge.
  2. It’s lightweight. I love it too much to toss it around with my keys but you can keep it on your keychain.
  3. There is a little light on the front that tells you when its on and when it needs to be charged.
  4. It works with iPods, cell phones, and any device that has a jack for headphones.
  5. It has a fuzzy soft leopard fur around the speaker and a binged out heart on the front.

There are other color/animal print combinations on their site


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