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I love candy. I LOVE IT. But I will say this, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to tire of the overly sweet tastes of most candied confections. After a while, you can taste the corn syrup and preservatives on every bit of candy that you eat and it begins to get to be too much.

Enter: Chimes, Ginger Chews.

I bought these on a whim last week and immediately became obsessed. They are sweet, but zesty.  They come individually wrapped so you feel like each one is a unique treat. Chimes only makes their chews with a handful of natural ingredients including Choice Ginger, Cane Sugar, Tapioca Starch and Vegetable Oil. I haven’t tried the Peppermint, MangoOrange or Peanut Butter varieties, but something tells me they are just as good as the Original. And let me tell you, the Original flavor is oh so good… 

Ginger is, of course, a little bit spicy, so if you’re looking for a hot and fresh zip to your winter candy routine (that also will promote digestive health), get on the Chimes train.

(Yes, I ate about four Chimes while writing this.) (No, seriously they are AMAZING.)

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