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Victory Cake. People who follow us on Twitter might know that Sophia and I “co-manage”  a fantasy baseball team, “The Burbank Puppies”.I use the term “manage” very lightly (I think we still have Josh Hamilton on the D.L.). Our team rarely wins, but last week we beat the team “Chicago Style Sheet Cake” in a landslide victory. Our friend Jay Cox has commemorated this occasion with an actual cake. I guess revenge is sweet, but defeat is covered in buttercream.

Image via Zooey Deschanel


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  1. I’m rather excited to know that you like baseball, can’t deny it! I think that the cake idea is really cute. I would recommend some cupcakes next time!

  2. Congrats on the big win!! Woowoo!

  3. What a yummy victory for the puppies.

  4. In Peru we don’t play baseball that much, and I’m not into it. I prefer some other sports but this cake makes me wanna learn about it!
    Zooey, you make me smile every time you write or post something!

  5. I feel that every victory in life deserves it’s own personalized cake. :)

  6. Congratulations to the Burbank Puppies. I feel so proud.

  7. I so wanna eat that grass!

  8. Hehe, congrats on your victory! I bet your fantasy team’s uniforms are way cuter than the other fantasy team’s uniforms. :)

  9. That is probably the best team name ever, just saying. Puppies!

  10. Awesome! :-) Haha congrats and enjoy the cake! (Hope it’s gluten-free ;-) )
    GO Burbank puppies! I agree with Karissa’s comment I for one would also love to read some about your team!

  11. I used to participate in a fantasy leaguel! Would love to see you guys post more about the team on here!

  12. I don’t know that Chicago Style Sheet Cake is actually from Chicago, but I support them purely because I’m a Chicagoan and losing means nothing to me. The Sheet Cakers will come back! This is their season!

  13. I’m not into sports all that much, but that cake looks delicious.