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Listen I don’t say this lightly, BUT I AM A SAMANTHA RONSON groupie. Fine, she is my best friend and like a sister to me. I love her music.  Not just like, LOVE. Here is another thing: you can buy this album Chasing The Reds and you can listen to it almost anywhere where fun can be had. My favorite song is… fine, ALL of them!

  • Lisa Engles

    And she’s HOT!!

  • Samantha Ronson

    thank you!!!

  • Sarah Bishkin

    I consider myself a Marit Larsen groupie. She is a singer from Norway. She describes her genre as “pop with no rules” but I if she were better known here in the US she would certainly fit into the indie crowd. She plays Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, and Harmonica. She kind of has Zooey’s essence. At least in style. :)

  • Lynn K Ng

    Absolutely ! 😡

  • Jill Kushner

    OBVIOUSLY buying this!!! Thought I had, but i’d just listened to it 3x. Will rectify that right now!

  • Becky Gipson

    Have it and love it! Hasn’t left my car sterio since I got it!

  • Deejay Stacey

    VERY hot 😉

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