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Back in August I did a scary, uncomfortable, ridiculous thing. I went cage diving with Great White sharks for four days straight, with a bunch of strangers. I raised the money for the trip, took a deep breath and tried my best not to have a heart attack before setting foot on the boat.

A few weeks before the trip the hardcore divers start friend requesting the wimpy newbies like me on Facebook which is kinda nice, since you at least get a peek at these people you’ll be risking your life with. That’s how I discovered the awesomeness that is a hand-knitted shark hat.

One of my new Facebook shark friends (let’s call her Shark Mama) was especially comforting and helpful (her #1 tip: “seasickness meds – A MUST.” That tip was more helpful than comforting) and she sent us all photos of these silly yet beautiful shark hats to buy before the trip. I fell for a hat called “Cousteau” because the shark hat had its own red beret. I mean – a hat that’s wearing a hat? Too cute. When you buy a hat the money also goes towards the non-profit Halos of Hope, which provides handmade hats and caps to cancer patients in need. Not a bad idea for a holiday gift! And if plunking down cash for a Cousteau of your own ain’t in the cards right now, but you have mad knitting/crocheting skills, you can make your own shark hats for Halos of Hope to sell. Check out their Facebook page for more pics and info!

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