I charge my phone on my nightstand, next to a stack of books.  The chord hangs awkwardly in front of a drawer and if I want to open the drawer, I have to place my cell phone on my bed.  It’s inconvenient and it gets messy.  So, when I saw this stack of vintage, recycled books that charges cell phones, I was happy to see that the charging chord is well-secured inside of the book and is compatible with all iPhones and iPods.  Plus, it looks super cool and keeps my charger in one secure place.  Perfect for book lovers, antique collectors, and tech geeks.  Available through RichNeeleyDesigns on Etsy!

From RichNeeleyDesigns on Etsy


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  1. Getting one of these for a friend’s Christmas gift, and another one for myself. Thanks for the tip. :]

  2. That struck a chrod with me Grammar Nazi. It could hav e been a typo ;).

  3. Hey girls. I love you and all but it’s cord, not chord. /GrammarNazi

  4. Wow i love this i have the same problem with my cords and having to move everything just to open my drawers! Its so inconvient and annoying! What a great find!

  5. nice find!

  6. LOVE it! Such a great find! I love the items of the day on here :)

    I am definitely going to be adding this to my gift guide for iPhone lovers >

  7. OMG! I LOVE this SO much I just can’t stand it! (Which I realize is an oxymoron.) I MUST find this somewhere here in Canada. :)