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Back in the day when I used to work at Whole Foods, I always loved walking through the body care section at all the expensive stuff that I couldn’t afford. One of the brands I always gravitated towards was Dr. Hauschka – the clean packaging and, I dunno, naturalness of the products just called out to me. Unfortunately, my bank card called out to me too, shouting DECLINED every time I so much as thought of putting one of their lovely face creams or cleansers into my cart.

Is Dr. Hauschka actually that expensive? No, of course not. But it is when you’re a 21-year-old college student whose idea of an extravagant meal was REAL Kraft macaroni & cheese instead of Target’s Market Pantry brand. Now that I’m a bit more grown up and can actually manage my money, I’ve taken a step into the land of luxury that is Dr. Hauschka. I’ve said the name twice this paragraph, which seems weird. Dr. Hauschka. Three times is a charm. I like to keep all of my products from them out on display in my room, even though I’m the only one who’s ever in my room. It just makes me feel good, okay?

Guys, I love this stuff. The Melissa Day Cream has totally become my favourite moisturiser (taking over from DDF’s Moisturising Dew) and the Facial Toner is sprayable and makes my face feel super… oh, I dunno, toned? My dry-ass winter lips have also been gettin’ their swerve on to the Lip Care Stick, which is just way too good. I have a few other of their products and I can’t wait to buy even more. I think I have a bit of an obsession.

The best part about Dr. Hauschka is that their products are great even for people with super sensitive skin. Their ingredients are almost entirely biodynamic and organic, they don’t test on animals and they use no chemical additives and preservatives. The result is that my skin feels cleaner and lighter than when I’ve used products from bigger beauty companies.

If you’re loving the sound of all of this but aren’t sure which product to take the plunge with, why not go for the best of both worlds? Check out one of their Daily Face Care Kits for a sample of a few products, including trial sizes of the cleansing milk, cleansing cream, toner and three day creams? Bargain!

I haven’t tried any of their other products yet – Dr. Hauschka also sells hair products and make-up – but I’m sure I’ll get there… I just have to find more room on my shelf!

  • Dawn Samis

    Love all their products!!! Especially Cleansing cream and Rose day cream!!

  • Syikien Oyob

    this is great. it has been quite some times for me to change my beauty product to a better one. and this products looks promising. yay!!

  • Lorehorrible Ciora

    thank you for posting this. my skin is terribly sensitive. the slightest thing could set my face into an epic breakout, and nothing qualms it. i am definitely going to try this product out.

  • Yoko Moonstar

    This sounds perfect for my combination/sensitive skin.

  • Rebecca Zinner

    Dr. Hauschka products are amazing! I used to have really bad acne – so bad that all the Clean & Clear and all the trips to the dermo in the world couldn’t help me. But the Dr. Hauschka products I use have completely cleared up all my blemishes – even during my most hormonally imbalanced moments!

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