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I think we’re all aware that the HelloGiggles crew loves our nail art. After all, even co-founder Molly teaches you how to Get Yo’ Nails Did on a weekly basis. Add to that the joy of candy (who doesn’t like candy?) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for Item of the Day.

Without further ado, I introduce… the Nerds scented nail polish set! Six colours in wild cherry, watermelon, lemonade, blue raspberry and wild berry “flavours”, these polishes are totally fun and nostalgic and are nice and bright, which is perfect for summer!

I don’t know that these need any further explanation. Nail polish that smells like candy? Count us in!

Get yours at

  • Leslie Billo Sullivan

    For nose pickers!

  • Sarah Newman

    Actually, they’re really good colours! It’s usually quite hard to find the right shade of blue, but I really like that one.

    I don’t think I’ve seen Nerds since the 1980s over here in the UK, so these might be hard to get hold of.

    • Jennifer Still

      I’m not sure if ItSugar ships to the UK but it might be worth checking out. I’ve seen the set advertised on other sites like Amazon, albeit at much higher prices (usually around $18!) I agree about the blue, though – the brands that make that particular shade are generally higher-end (yes, I consider Essie to be high end) so it’s worth it just for that!

  • Jenna Jardine

    Whaaat where can I buy these?? Need them.

  • Jenna Jardine

    Duh sorry too excited to read the whole thing. Nvm. (^O^)

  • Rebecca Lynn

    Ah! And they’re all so cheap!

  • Paula Andrea

    this would only hinder my quest to not mite my nails =/

  • Paula Andrea

    and by mite i meant bite =D

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