Item of the Day

This is such a great little Christmas or Hanukkah gift for the gal or guy who loves to make cupcakes. The only thing better than a cupcake is a pretty cupcake.

Get your Pretty Cupcake Kit here – $19.95.

  • Zelina Garza

    i saw this and immediately thought this has to be a Zooey gift lol.

  • Kelly Cosby

    Perfect, I will be buying this for my baking enthusiast friend!

  • Megan Miolla

    Awesome I love baking it’s my favorite! I also want to start a cupcake business it would be soo much fun! I absolutely adore you Zooey! Thanks for the great find!

  • Alison Manthei

    I am obsessed with chronicle books, as all of their lovely items make great gifts!

  • Rachelle van Roozendaal

    Oh how i love to bake cupcakes <3 they make me happy :) Shall i bake you one zooey? I`m pretty awsome at that 😀

  • Rachelle van Roozendaal

    awesome with an e that is 😉

  • Jacqueline Sandoval

    OoOoh that’s a really cute gift! I have a couple of foodie cupcake lovers that would love to get this gift! I am definitely going to have to add this Best Gifts for Foodies list >

  • Nicole Natale

    This gift plus an individual cupcake stand is what my supper club ladies will be getting for the holiday.

  • Sílvia Juncà

    I bought a similar one for a girlfriend of mine and she loved it! a super gift indeed!! :)

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