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Yeah. I’ve never made a Cake Pop, but really guys, what’s not to love? It’s cake. on. a. stick. Did you hear me??? CAKE. ON.  A. STICK. Dreams can come true!

You can grab your Cake Pops by Bakerella here for just $19.95.

  • Lauren Gelatt

    My sister in law is a boss baker and has made a bunch of these, mostly holiday themed. THEY ARE DELICIOUS! And, like Zooey said, who doesn’t love cake on a stick?

  • Sarah Newman

    The Muppets cake pops she recently did on her blog were unbelievably amazing.

  • Megan Miolla

    Omg i was just saying i want this! Its supper cute and looks fun! I love to bake so this would be perfect

  • Zelina Garza

    I love cake pops. It’s the perfect amount of cake

  • Jason Neel

    I’m allergic to chocolate cake pops! No not really jk. They look fantastic. Cheers all!

  • Jaime Hammer

    i have this book! they’re really good, but in my opinion, a little difficult to make!

  • Emmy Akers

    my sister got this book for me for my birthday back in september! I feel ahead of the game! woot!

  • Marleen Moll

    The only way cake on a stick could be any better, was if it were in the shape of a mustache.

  • Joyce Liu

    I want my Cake Pops now! Wait for them to be delivered? Pshaw! Saw them in Larchmont Bungalow, right on the counter. From this bakery, I think:

  • Angie Evans

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