For those of you that always have a compulsive desire to pop bubble wrap as soon as you open a fragile packaged item, now you can pop bubbles every day of the year!  For those stressful, mind-boggling, get out of my face moments, a bubble is now freely available to break up your day.  And, if you’re bored, the bubble will still be there for your popping needs.  Instead of picking zits, pop a bubble!  Instead of biting nails, pop a bubble!  Instead of beating your pillows up when you have to wake up at six or seven or eight in the morning for work, pop a bubble!  The calendar comes on glossy 48″ tall by 18″ wide cover stock, with holidays, weekdays, and weekends marked for your convenience.  Get yours for your office, lover, or dog HERE today!

  • Dani Quiroga

    I think I will need 365 of these to I can pop them all each day :)

  • Susie Ghahremani

    what a fun idea!!

  • Meryl Rizzotti

    That looks like fun.

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