ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the DayMolly McAleer

As a yellow-gold loving sister with Irish/Native American roots, I could not be any more in love with my spanking new House of Harlow arrowhead studs.

But! Let me tell you about my relationship with jewelry: I go crazy over something,  wear it until it falls off my body and then I mostly forget about it and forgive myself for losing it except for once in awhile when I’ll be like, “Oh, girl. Remember that chain you wore all the time in 2002? That was your jam! What happened to that thing? What is wrong with you, Molly? Why do you let everything you love slip out of your hands?”

That’s how I feel about these earrings. I shelled out a reasonable (true definition of the word) amount for them and completely love they way they look, but when one falls off in the bottom of a pool six months to a year from now I’m not going to kill myself because they were inexpensive and flashy enough that I will have gotten my wear out of them.

Image via Ron Robinson


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  1. Ferosh! Great gift for my sistas for Christmas

    Jackie Johnson | 11/26/2011 12:11 pm