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The Lomography line of blinged out cameras could lead you to the perfect holiday gift for a stylish BFF who loves taking old school pics. Old school meaning not digital, of course.

Just imagine: New Year’s Eve, a sparkly gold camera around her neck that doesn’t lend to any of the standard, “Wait, show me how I look,” questions from friends who’ve just been snapped and the sheer delight of picking up an envelope of freshly printed 3x5s from the drug store a few days later.

It’s a semi-investment, it’s a time machine back to your non-digital, non-disposal past and hello! It’s sparkly!

One of each for me, please.

Image via Lomography

  • Robert Sumbland

    Love Lomography, I’ve got a few myself (Holga 120, LC-A+, fisheye 1, supersampler…just to name a few..) They’re good fun to have around and you can get really creative with them. It’s a good conversation starter too because when people see me taking pictures they don’t believe it’s a real camera! They probably think it’s going to squirt water out at them..

  • Anonymous

    molls that’s awesome!

    • Anonymous

      Always refersihng to hear a rational answer.

  • Heather Mckown

    yeah but it sucks when you buy one of these old school cameras go on a three week european vacation taking photos only with said camera and get the photos developed and when you open the envelopes 90% of the photos are just all black.

    • Robert Sumbland

      I’m not gonna lie that can happen, it happened to me when I first got my Holga. I think the reason is that these types of cameras are the complete opposite to modern digital camera, and we rely so much on the camera to do most of the work. So these cameras are more ‘hands on’ and you have to know about the different settings, film types, film speeds etc, and they’re made of plastic so you’re not gonna get the most ‘perfect’ pictures but they do have their own unique spark to them. Keep with it though, it might just be something simple that’s causing that there’s loads of videos on youtube that can help you out.

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