Ant Farm

I was never one to play with Barbies.  I was always the science kid going to dinosaur and space camp at the Natural History Museum.  So, when I saw this Space-Age Habitat for AntKind, I was super stoked.  And, it’s not a space-age habitat just because of the neon LED lights.  The non-toxic gel that these ants hang out in (and eat) was created in a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment “to study animal life in space and test how ants tunnel in microgravity” (  So, this antfarm is SUPER scientific and a healthy environment for the ants.  Now, ants can be pets instead of pests!  After all, who wouldn’t want a pet that can lift twenty times their body weight, eat with two stomachs, and blink with three eyes?  Plus, ants are way better workers than humans, since they have a keen ability to communicate and exercise teamwork.  Get your Space-Age Habitat for AntKind here!

And, check out this sweet video my friend Lindsay Flinn made with a gel antfarm!

Sweet Antfarm Video

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