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I thought long and hard about what I wanted to feature as my first item of the day. I wanted to show off something that was practical, a necessity for all lovely ladies, and represented a bit of my personality too. It’s safe to say Benefit Cosmetics is my favorite makeup line around and not just because it is headquartered in the city I left my heart behind in, San Francisco, either. Benefit understands the need for pretty for every age and in the case of Benetint, the need to utilize makeup for more uses.

Benetint is a rose-tinted lip and cheek stain originally referred to as Rose Tint. It was created by Benefit’s founders Jean and Jane Ford to keep the nipples of an exotic dancer pink while she danced. The duo put their heads together to cook up a tint that used red food coloring, glycerin, and rose petals and it was a hit. Retooled as a lip and cheek stain by the name of Benetint in the 1990s, it’s still a hit today with big stars and yours truly.

All you need to do is swipe a tiny bit onto the apples of your cheeks and rub it in or brush it against your lips for an instant rosy hue that stays on for hours. I once had a Benefit salesgirl refer to it as being like your war paint which was the perfect description for it. I swear by the stuff, even have one in travel size that comes with a separate lip gloss. Great for the girl on the go and to look festive during the holiday season!

Visit the official Benefit website for more information on where you can pick up your Benetint bottle!

  • Taylor Coil

    I use the slightly less saturated posietint which is perfect for my pale skin. It doesn’t last long on lips, though!

  • Holly Lehmer

    I LOVE Benetint! I blend it in after my tinted moisturizer and before I swipe on powder, that way it looks all dewy and pretty.

  • Anonymous

    oh!! great find!

  • Rachael Graham

    great great first item of the day, i love benetint!!

  • Lyv Mñz

    I love this thing!

  • Dunielle VUjasin

    As much as I have loved Benefit products, they test on animals. And that sucks. :(

  • Megawompus Duranicus

    While I love tints, this I find doesn’t work as well as I would like. I tend to like the stains in a marker form or a cream/powder due to them having better staying power. I love Benefit’s cute packaging but if it doesn’t work, I won’t get it. I do agree with Taylor that posietint is cute and more moisturizing (since it’s pink and not red). This one just stays in a ring on my lips and looks like I ate a red popsicle. :(

    • Camille Day

      Thanks for the warning about this lacking staying power; I was all set to try it. I really loved my Chanel lip stain in Alexandrite–talk about richly pigmented, and long lasting. The only downside was the price–I used it up in a month, and for the price, (about $30) it would cost over $350 per year! Covergirl Outlast lip stain works and is a third of the price of the Chanel lip stain–but it’s not as deeply pigmented, and makes my lips feel drier. :(

  • Candace Irabli

    benetint really dries out my lips so badly. the reason i bought it was because i love red lips but HATE chapstick and lipgloss. it looks good at first but it dries my lips so badly i can barely wear it anymore.

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